The combination of its aesthetic appeal, design and construction flexibility, durability, strength and value make DecoStone Handcrafted Natural Stone™ a highly effective stone solution in new construction and renovation projects for residential homeowners and commercial developers, architects, contractors and property owners.

Key performance specs
  • 5/8-inch thickness weighs ~ 6 pounds / sq ft
  • ASTM E84 – Flamespread/Smoke Developed (Rating 0)
  • ASTM D7234 – Adhesion Strength (>35 lb psi)
  • ASTM C170 – Compressive Strength (>2,100 lb psi)
  • 24-month installation warranty
  • 20-year product warranty

lb PSI compression strength

Rating - Flamespread/Smoke Developed

lbs. / Sq. Ft.

Year Product Warranty

Decostone HNS™ advantages

Extremely lightweight, making structural load considerations irrelevant and complex fastener systems unnecessary

Strong, consistent adhesion allows direct application to existing porous surfaces eliminating the need for demolition in most renovations

Excellent vapor breathability and naturally moisture resistant aspects of the product eliminate mold and moisture risks

Patterns, textures and colors are customizable and easily reproducible

Seamless integration with existing building design, material and systems

Sustainable building product made of eco-friendly material

One product and one crew for all applications and uses – exterior or interior!

Manufactured stone

$13 to $18 per sq foot

DecoStone Handcrafted Natural Stone™

Starting at $13 per sq foot 

Quarried stone

$15 to $50 per sq foot with structural load requirements to be met


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DecoStone is the leading provider of Handcrafted Natural Stone solutions to homeowners and commercial designers and contractors.