New Construction

Achieve 100% of the design intent of your project, yet reduce construction cost with use of a value engineered stone solution. DecoStone Handcrafted Natural Stone is on average 10-25% less expensive than quality manufactured stone veneer yet maintains the advantages of being extremely strong, durable and lightweight.

DecoStone HNS inherently provides the timeless design and beauty of natural quarried stone, enhancing property curb appeal and value. Additionally, never again worry about selecting stone or a stone alternative and whether future repairs will seamlessly match the original pattern, texture and color.

Renovation and Rehab

DecoStone HNS is the most versatile and fit for purpose solution you can use for building renovations and rehab. HNS can be directly applied over existing structural surfaces, such as brick, concrete masonry, or tilt wall, thus eliminating the need for demolition. With minimal cost and preparation, HNS™ can also applied to steel or aluminum siding.

Need to cover a tired and weathered brick or aggregate stone surface?  Trying to match quarried stone on a renovation or addition?  No problem, DecoStone has your solution!

Interior applications

HNS™ is perfect for interior applications due to its inherent design flexibility and eco-friendly characteristics (e.g., no VOCs). Apply HNS to a vertical surface and it can be carved into almost any pattern, texture, and color ranging in style and finish from contemporary to classical. Its lightweight and outstanding adhesion characteristics make it ideal for ceilings, archways and previously impossible surfaces.

Exterior Applications

HNS™ stands up to the institutional and engineering requirements for commercial construction. It is lightweight, durable and strong with compression strength of over >2,100 lb PSI and adhesion strength >35 lb PSI. With outstanding vapor breathability, risk of moisture accumulation and retention or mold growth are eliminated.  Its outstanding performance and specifications make it the ideal exterior choice when considering stone for a project.

HNS Application Process

Our HNS™ is applied at 5/8 to 1-inch thickness directly to any vertical surface and adheres directly to brick, concrete, tilt wall and masonry surfaces or sheathing materials.  HNS™ can be applied where the structural load of quarried stone or installation and durability challenges of manufactured stone veneer cannot be addressed.  


  • Lighter 75% 75%

75-90% less weight eliminating need for complex installation systems

  • Less cost 25% 25%

10-25% less cost than quality manufactured stone veneer

Mix and APPLy

Mixed with water and apply using compressed air to 5/8 to 1-inch thickness using one or multiple runs.

Artisan Handcrafted

DecoStone trained artisans carve the surface into standard product catalog selections or customized patterns and then finish texture and coloration by hand.

Match and Maintain

On additions or renovations, our artisans seamlessly match existing building design attributes and existing materials. No more worrying about future availability of material for maintenance repair or addition and renovation.

History of natural hydraulic lime

DecoStone Handcrafted Natural Stone is a proprietary blend of imported natural hydraulic lime and various gradations of natural domestic limestone aggregates. Natural hydraulic lime and limestone have been used in construction since Roman times and is used today throughout the world, particularly on historically and architecturally significant and prominent buildings. 


Let one of our advisors assist you through your design and selection of a Handcrafted Natural Stone solution for your project.

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Sustainable & Eco Friendly

DecoStone is an environmentally friendly and sustainable building product, given its predominant use of natural hydraulic lime and other natural stone ingredients in its proprietary formula.  This results in significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than manufactured stone veneer products, which are made from Portland cement.


less energy required to produce compared to manufactured stone


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