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Commercial developers, architects, designers and contractors trust and rely on DecoStone to provide stone solutions for exterior surfaces and interior finishing.  Our clients are inspired by the classic beauty and durability of stone, and the DecoStone Handcrafted Natural Stone solution allows our clients to create awe inspiring designs without compromise or limitation.


Handcrafted Natural Stone™ is a proprietary formula made from natural hydraulic lime and other natural stone ingredients and materials.  The principles and methods of DecoStone’s Handcrafted Natural Stone™ date back to Roman times and have been widely used in Europe for a century.  

DecoStone’s Handcrafted Natural Stone (HNS) is a system that delivers affordable commercial stone solutions on vertical surfaces that are beautiful and exceptionally strong, durable and lightweight.

Handcrafted Natural Stone™ costs less than quarried and manufactured stone veneer and meets the critical technical and performance specifications of discerning architects and contractors.  With our client’s imagination and design intent to guide us, our artisans hand carve surfaces into stone, block and brick patterns with ultra-believable textures and colors that make Mother Nature blush!


How it works

New Construction or Renovation?

Value – On average 10% to 25% less expensive than quality manufactured stone veneer
Durability – >2,100 lb PSI compression strength and >35 lb PSI adhesion strength

Greater Design Flexibility – Applies easily on corners, curves, ceilings and where structural engineering would be cost prohibitive to support the load of quarried stone or manufactured stone veneer.

Renovation Advantage – Applies directly onto existing porous surfaces such as brick, concrete, tilt wall, or other concrete material.  No demolition required!
Match Existing Design – Have a stone or brick building that you need to match? No problem!  HNS can be carved, textured and colored to match the original design and surface.

How much can be installed in a day?

Installation averages – 500 sq. ft. per day per crew of 3, ensuring commercial projects can be delivered on time and on budget.

Exterior or Interior application?

Both!  DecoStone’s Handcrafted Natural Stone is carved into client designed patterns, textures, depths and colors all with one product, one crew and one budget.  Its strong bonding and lightweight characteristics enable its application to vertical surfaces, including ceilings, archways, overhangs and the most challenging structures.

Our proprietary formula and application method enable a customized solution for the desired pattern, texture and color of stone required on a project.  Its design flexibility and beauty are matched by its construction flexibility given the ease of integration with other building systems and materials.

Weighing 6 lbs/square foot at 5/8” thickness, no additional fastener systems are necessary.  Although lightweight, the product is highly durable achieving compression strength >2,100 lbs psi and adhesion strength >35 lbs psi. Given the product’s vapor breathability and use of highest quality construction materials, moisture and mold risks are virtually eliminated. 




Strong and Durable

Infinitely customizable

Reduced risk and complexity

Eco friendly

Design and build using mother nature’s most beautiful material – Handcrafted Natural Stone!  DecoStone offers timeless design and beauty for new construction and renovation projects so you can increase your bottom line and impress your clients with a beautiful stone exterior or interior.

DecoStone’s design flexibility is limited only by your imagination.

Design Inspired, Construction Approved

“I look to create timeless designs and seek out institutional quality building products.  DecoStone delivered both and is without a doubt something I will use again.”

Kerry Burden

Developer / DElta Hotel by Marriott & Allen Convention Center
Dallas, Texas


Limestone, a material used in construction dating back to Roman times, has been used in a natural hydraulic form for decades in Europe as a trusted building material. Through extensive research and field testing, DecoStone’s HNS™ system is a proven commercial building product and application method. Handcrafted Natural Stone is a limestone-based product providing the classic beauty and durability of quarried stone without comprising budget, reliability or increasing construction risk.

Commercial architects and developers shouldn’t compromise design intent or be limited by budget or construction constraints and risks.  DecoStone provides you inspiring design and commercial quality on a value engineering budget.


Let one of our advisors assist you through your design and selection of a Handcrafted Natural Stone solution for your project.


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